Yesterday’s IPL Match Score: What is Yesterday’s IPL score?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most profligate T20 tournaments on the earth. It has been growing and influencing people since 2008. Today we’ll discuss yesterday’s IPL match score in this article. Which team do you think won the match yesterday? What was yesterday’s IPL match score? To know all about yesterday’s IPL match score, continue reading.

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Table of Contents:


  • Yesterday’s IPL Score


  • 1st Innings Score


  • 2nd Innings Score




Yesterday’s IPL Match Score:

You must be wondering why the sports smartzworld has put such a title when the 13th edition of IPL hasn’t started yet. Well,  IPL 2020  is postponed due to the global pandemic.  Thankfully, the IPL Governing Council has decided to commence the IPL 2020 in September this year. It will occur from September 19 to November 8/10 in the United Arab Emirates. Once the IPL begins, we’ll update our website every minute. We’ll update IPL yesterday’s score in yesterday’s IPL match score segment. So, stay tuned.

1st innings Score:

As there’s no IPL match going on, it’s challenging to provide the update of the 1st innings score. However, for the time being, let me confirm the teams that will be competing in IPL 2020.

IPL 2020 Teams:

In IPL 2020, 8 franchises will be competing, and the teams are named below:

yesterday's ipl match score

2nd Innings Score:

IPL 2020 will be held in September 2020. Currently, there is no update on the 2nd innings score. Although we now don’t have any news regarding yesterday’s IPLmatch score, we’ll surely keep you posted and provide updates when the IPL 2020 begins in September.

Yesterday's IPL match score

Until then, get the live scores of matches happening between England and West Indies on our website.

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