How To Actually Turned Off WiFi & Bluetooth On iPhone (IOS 11)

IOS 11 brings lots of new changes that made control center on iPhone & iPad more easier.The new center has brought the ability to add more toggles and remove the ones you didn’t use frequently from the Control here are some tips using which you can turned off WiFi & Bluetooth on iPhone.

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Turned Off WiFi & Bluetooth On iPhone (IOS 11)

In iOS 11, if you disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in Control Center,  the iOS device will merely disconnect from a Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth accessories, but not actually turn off those wireless services.  The actual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios in the device remain activated.If you want to completely turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you’ll need to go through settings.

  • For Wi-Fi: Settings > Wi-Fi > Off
  • For Bluetooth: Settings > Bluetooth > Off

However, Airplane mode, as always, functions as a one-step way for turning off all wireless communication, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. IOS 11 works this way so that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth continue to be available for what Apple calls important features such as AirDrop, AirPlay, Apple Watch and Pencil, Location Services, and Continuity features like Handoff and Instant Hotspot. This might seem like a trivial change, but it actually poses a threat to your device’s security. By leaving Bluetooth/wi-fi on all the time, you are exposing yourself to attacks through any vulnerabilities in your device’s software.



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