Top 5 Android Games For Free Download

Best Free Android Games downloadEvery smartphone users want something new features that make his/her smartphone smarter than other. For this users always tries for new and latest app both in appearance and gaming.

As nowadays every smart device has sufficient amount of storage and RAM that makes high-end games can be easily installed and can be played.

best android games | best free android games | android games download | top 5 android gamesToday we came up with the top 10 different games which adjudged best apps for Android category with good rating and with good downloads. So please go through the complete description to know more about the Top 10 Android Games

Top 5 Android Games!

There are different Gaming app comes into the mobile market. Every smartphone user wants good games on their phone in order to cut the time and also get relieved from the external works.

So please go through the below-listed Games which will help you to choose which game you want to install and which one you find it interesting.

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story

The name of the game it self-explains that you need to find the lost phone. The goal of the game is to find Laura. The game runs for $3.49 with no in-app purchases. So you need to buy the app. The game is very simple and easy to understand.

Batman: The Enemy Within

The comic character and mostly we found in movies too. Batman! The game is simple user need to fight against The Riddle. The game includes fun comic style graphics. The games come in 5 Episodes. The first episode is free. Subsequent episodes run for $4.99 or you can buy all of them at once for $14.99.

Into the Dead 2

The most interesting game. It is the sequel to the popular Into the Dead. The logic behind the game is straightforward that is you need to run, you have to kill zombies, and finally, you have to survive. It also comes with various challenges, decent graphics. No need to pay anything it is free of cost.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

This is a Lord of the Rings game. This game storyline contains Talion and his fight with Sauron’s army. The game will be very interesting as the game includes action RPG combat mechanics, various loot to collect, and various Lord of the Rings characters to collect.

Night Run

The name it self-defines that this game is related to running. It is a new infinite runner. This game contains minimal graphics. The theme of the game is so simple that your health drains as you run. The goal in the game is to collect the hearts in order to remain alive and also you need to avoid obstacles. The obstacles are a little difficult to see at first. However, you get used to it over time.

Asphalt 9: Legends :

Asphalt 9 is Top Racing Game for Android Users, You must Try this game at least once and your would never leave it again. The High Quality Graphics Involved this Game makes it to stand on Top of Most Favourite game. Get the App now and Enjoy the latest features like streen racing, Multiplayer, 360 degree Fun Gaming Mode, and the most exciting thing called Customization of Cars.

Clash Royale :

Duel player, Rewards Earning, Card Collection and Winning Crowns are the Most liked Features in the Clash Royale Game. It involves a Huge range of Graphics which makes the Game even more Exciting. And you can learn to Play the Game using the TV Royale video made available by the Team

These are the top rated and most interesting games on Android this year. Every user must and should try at least on the app from the list.

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