How To Find Your Computer Is Capable Of Running Game

Everyone likes to play new games on their PC’s  but most of the users confused while purchasing the game due to device compatibility. So here are some tips using which you can Find Your Computer Is Capable Of Running Game or not.

Device Compatibility

Device Compatibility

There are many things should be considered before installing the game on your PC regarding hardware.Most common things are Graphics card, Processor, RAM Etc….

Find Device Hardware Specifications

You can always go to System Properties and find the hardware specifications. However, for this purpose, we recommend using a third-party program. Speccy from Piriform is an effective way to find the specifications of your Windows PC. Download, install and run the program; you can see the full set of hardware specs in a few seconds.In the Summary section itself, you can see the important data. You need to check out the following aspects if you want the smooth functioning of a particular game.

  • Processor or CPU – You should find the processor your computer is using, Clock Speed and a total number of cores. To find the number of cores, you can click on the ‘CPU’ link from Speccy sidebar.
  • Graphics Card – Obviously, you must check the external graphics card in use and its specifics. It can either be from NVIDIA or AMD; you should also note down the onboard RAM of the card. In some cases, you may find both Intel HD Graphics and External Graphics. In that case, you can take into account the external graphics card specifications only.
  • RAM – RAM of your Computer should also be considered. This is something necessary for running heavy-resource-consuming games in the computer.

Find Hardware Requirement For Game

We hope you’ll be planning to purchase a single game at the same. So, the next thing you have to do is to find the hardware specs of the particular game. There are two options – you can either go to official website of the game or check the CD pack. Both way, you can find a small list of requirements, mentioning the CPU power, RAM, Graphics, and OS.
There will be Basic System Requirements and Recommended System Requirements. It’s better if you compare your system’s details with the Recommended set. The reason here is simple enough. The game will work way too smoother if you comply with recommended the set of system requirements.


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