How To Use Google Chrome Task Manager | Tips And Tricks

Google chrome Task manager: Task Manager is an important feature in all the Computers and mobiles. It is added in every new device as default feature to fix the issue yourself. This way every device has its own features to help the consumers to solve the issue them self. And with little technical knowledge you could fix the performance based issues yourself. And coming to main Topic, Task Manager, it actually gives a perfect picture of all the applications so that user can note them all and sort out the issue arised in the Computer or any other smart device. Here we have Mentioned the Task Manager related to Chrome Web Browser, so read the article Completely till the end to understand the problem in the Web Browser

Task Manager is the best option to take a look at the running application on a Computer and Mobile. And in case you are using a Chrome Web browser, you can also find a Task manager on it. And here in this Article, we going to check the Task Manager in brief.

What is Task manager?

The Term, ‘Task Manager’ itself states the purpose. It gives a brief details of all the Running applications in an operating system or software. Other than, just a piece of information about the application. It provides several details like CPU usage, Memory, Network etc

Why we need to use the Task manager?

By reading about the Task Manager from the above information we may conclude that Task manager makes the work of PC user easy in finding the reason behind slowing down of Web Processing.

So to get the Clear picture of the applications, we use Task Manager in Chrome Web Browser And also you could stop the High Data Consuming application to increase the processing Speed

How to open Chrome Task Manager in Windows ?

You can access the Task Manager in Chrome web Browser in two different ways: one is using the Menu Tab and other using the Shortcut Keys. Here we will mention both the ways to open the Chrome Task Manager

Method-1: Open Task Manager from the Menu options

  • Go to Menu bar and Click on ‘Three dots’ visible at Top-Right Corner of the Chrome Web Browser
  • Then you get to see a Drop down Menu, from the Menu Click on ‘More Tools’
  • Finally here you will see ‘Task Manager’ option, so click on it to open the ‘Task Manager’ window

Method-2: Chrome Task Manager shortcut:

  • Open Web Browser and Click the ‘Shift+Esc’ button
  • Automatically you get to see Task Manager app

How to use Chrome Task Manager?

Task Manager in Windows and Chrome Web Browser works the same way. And to get the Accurate report of performance of the running applications on the PC, just check out the Task manger. And In Chrome, Task Manager gives the perfect report of all the Tabs currently running in the Browser.

Using Task Manager is easy and you need to check out the Apps on chrome running out of memory, and also the apps that are consuming a lot of CPU power. After concluding the List of Apps, End the Task

How to open Task Manager in Chrome Web Browser in Mac?

Task Manager in all the Operating system works the same way and you need to figure the tools as it may differ in interface when compared to Chrome Web Browser in Windows Machine. so to open the Task Manager in Chrome in Mac PC Follow the Below Steps:

  • Go to ‘Tools’ icon visible on the Top right corner of the web browser and Click on it
  • Then you get it see ‘Tools’ options in the Drop down menu, then Navigate to ‘Task Manager’ option

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