How to know if someone blocked your number on iPhone

How do you know if someone blocked your number: We use Call blocking system for several issues, and in case you know about someone if he /she has blocked your number, you need to read the complete guide explained in the below section. Here you mostly get confirmation about the person who has blocked your number. And we have mentioned certain tricks that might help you in finding the call Blocker without any risky Factors.

How to tell if someone blocked your number:

Their may be several reasons to get blocked from a certain number, it may be due to the disturbance and unwanted calls in the Phone Directory. So to conclude that if a Person has Blocked you on the Mobile. Try out the Different Tricks Mentioned below:

1) Message not delivered:

When you try to text a Person who have blocked you on his/her mobile, your message will not be delivered. Just Try this trick now.

  • Go to iMessage and add that Particular Contact person.
  • Then Write the text message and Click on Send.
  • Wait for about 5 minutes, Then check if the Message got a tag called ‘delivered.’
  • if the Message got no tag as can confirm that your number is blocked on that iPhone.

In detail, let me tell you that, unless your mobile number is saved in Blocked list you get the delivery report for every message. Even if you have not satisfied with the answer, Then check out the next trick.

2) Number of Rings:

A Mobile ring can help in knowing if your number is blocked on that certain mobile. So check the procedure now:

  • Go to Dial pad and Type that specific Number, Then Make a call to that number.
  • Count the number of Rings, and if the rings are less than 3, it is confirmed that your number is blocked.

From the basic algorithm of Call Blocking System, we could confirm that, when a mobile number is added to the Block list on Third Party Application. Mobile Rings silently for  a minimum of time, and automatically the call is discontinued.

3) Caller ID:

If you think that your mobile number is Blocked, you could play a Trick to confirm the actual issue behind the call blocking. So to do this task follow the below steps:

  • Go to Settings App and navigate to Caller Settings.
  • Then Click on ‘Phone,’ After that, you get to see ‘Show My Caller ID.’
  • Turn off the Toggle ‘Show My Caller ID’ Switch.
  • Then Try to call that Particular Phone number.

4) Use Facetime:

Facetime is the Best application to communicate with all the smartphone users over internet access. And Facetime app can be beneficial if you want to know about the Person who has blocked your mobile number. So to use it perfectly, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Facetime App on your iPhone Mobile.
  • And Call that person who you think has blocked you on his mobile.
  • If the call goes regularly, then your mobile number is blocked.

This way you could use Facetime App, along with normal calling Feature to differentiate both the calls and confirm the issue.

5) Call with Masked Number:

Similar to a Trick of Facetime app, you can try to a different way to know if the person is blocked your Mobile Number. If in a regular call, your mobile is faced on an issue during the Ring. Then you need to call the Person with a Masked App.

  • Download the Proxy app on your Mobile and call that specific person
  • And if the call goes in straight away, you need to figure the reasons for other normal calling and Masked App calling.

Hope all the mentioned Tricks have helped in knowing about a blocked Mobile number. Do comment your views from the below Section.

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