How to close all apps on iPhone & iPad

Closing Apps on iPhone: Applications on the iPhone are Fast to load and mostly never hear about the slow loading of Apps on the Mobile. Also, it gives a perfect online experience. So coming to the topic, have you ever faced an issue of Closing all the apps on iPhone with a single click. If Yes, then you must check this article till the end.

How to close all Apps on iPhone:

Running applications on the iPhone device can be closed in different ways, and we have mentioned the best way in the below section, so do check out now:

For iPhone with iOS 10 and Above:

How to Force stop all apps on iPhone:

Force Closing of apps is nothing but Completely stopping the Running application on the iPhone regardless of the running tasks. So to Force Close the apps on the iOS device, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Main Screen on the iPhone and Double-Press the Home Button.
  • Now it displays the running apps, Swipes up on each slide to close the app in a sec.
  • This way, Press on Each app and Swipe upside to erase the app one by one.

How to stop apps from running in the background iPhone:

Closing all the Running apps on the iPhone is bit tough, and in particular, there is no specific Button to stop all the running apps with a single click. But you could try out this below steps:

  • Open your iPhone and on your Main screen Press the home button Twice.
  • You get to see all running apps, Select the first three apps with your Three Fingers.
  • And swipe them upside to close the apps in a bulk mode.
  • This is the Maximum possible option to delete all the apps in Few seconds.

How to close Apps on iPad:

With the Latest iOS on iPhone, iPad, the Interface has changed more beautifully. Even the running apps are visible in a different format. To close them all at once, you need to follow below Tutorials.

How to Force Close apps on iPad:

  • Now to see the running apps on the iPad, Double-Press the Home Button.
  • Then all the Running apps will be displayed in a different view.
  • Long press on an Application and Swipe Upwards to close the app completely.
  • This way you need to select that particular app and close them individually.

How to close apps on iPad:

To close all the application in a single instant of time, do follow the below steps:

  • Open your iPad, Double-click the Home Button to view the running applications.
  • To Close all the applications in one instant of time, Select all the apps with your Fingers.
  • And Swipe them uprside to close all apps in a single Take.

In case you are using iOS 7 and 8 versions:

iPhone and iPad have the same way of processing. Now here we will discuss the procedure for deleting the applications in single click or individually we delete each app separately.

  • Double Tap the Home Button to view the running apps and Games.
  • Press on App and Swipe upwards to stop the task at that instant.

This way you could quit the app in iPhone or iPad running iOS 7 and iOS 8.

In iPhone and iPad using iOS 6 or Earlier:

iOS 6 and earlier versions show ‘Minus’ symbol on each running app so that you could close the app with a Click on it. To know about it clearly, follow this :

  • Open iPhone or iPad device, and Double Tap the Home Button to see all the Running apps on the screen.
  • Now on the home screen, you get to see all the apps in a Thumbnail format with a Minus symbol.
  • Click on ‘Minus’ Symbol hovering on each app to close the app permanently.

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