How to Create(make) a Zip File on Mac PC

How to make a zip file on Mac: Zipping a file can help you in many ways. You can send the attachments with no errors raised for Memory. Also, it occupies less space on the Hard Drive. Overall, it is easy to Transfer and store in Any Drive.

You can create a Zip file different Ways, Every Computer has its tool for File Compression, and you can also opt for Third Party File Compression. Software for more Features like Password Protection and Large File Compression.

How to create a zip file on Mac :

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There are several ways to Zip Files, and here we have mentioned the Most Effective one that could help you in compressing the Files.

Using the System Tool (Right-Click Menu):

Operating System itself adds most of the tools to make use of. In Mac, You can Zip or UnZip the files and copy to the Other Source. Here it the way:

  • Choose the target file that you want to Compress(ZIP).
  • Open Right-Click Menu on File and Click on Compress to Zip.

It takes a few seconds(or Few minutes) to perform the Task and stores the Zip file on the Same Folder. Using the Same Procedure, you can compress Mulitple Files by selecting all of them at once.

Using Third Party Tools or software:

The Internet is helpful in many ways, here, in this case, you can compress any file using online web tools and also you could download the Third Party software Applications to Zip the files at no Cost. To get High-Quality features, we need Premium Tools.


iZip is a Third Party File Compression Tool, helps to manage and Create Zip, RAR, TAR files on your Mac PC. Besides its Free Subscription, it allows to Create Zip with no limitations. Download the iZip Software now and Compress the file with a Single Click.

Coming to the Zip file creation, select the Files and Add them to the iZip application. Submit it, and you can find the output Zip file.


Winzip is the most widely used File Compression Software for Windows and Mac Computers. It allows to Encrypt the Zip files along with the Effective Zipping of Files.

With AES 256 bit encryption, Your Files are Safe, and all the suspicious attempts will Fail without any Reason. Not just that, it makes the file sharing, Uploading to other PC and Cloud services easier.

Similar to iZip, WinZip File Compression software, we have ‘Keka’ Tool, and it is the best alternative to all the Zip maker Tools.

How to Open a Zip File:

Unzipping the Compressed (Zip) files is Easy than you think. If you have Compressed with regular Zip Maker, then double Click on the File to open and View the Files. or else, open with Same software which you have used to compress the files

How to Password Protect a Zip File:

With every Premium Zip Creator software, you will get Password Protection Feature. In all the Password protection, AES 256 bit is more secure, so to add it to the Files follow the Below steps:how to create a zip file | how to make a zip file | how to open a zip file | how to compress files on mac | how to make a zip file on mac

  • Launch the Zip maker software and select the files.
  • Open Right-click Menu on that File to view ‘encrypt.’
  • Choose ‘Encrypt’ option and select any of the encryption methods.
  • And finally, submit a Secret code you would like to assign for Zip file.

This way, you can assign the Password to Zip file to avoid unauthorized access issues.

How to access Encrypted Zip files:

Accessing a password protected Archive or Zip file is easy. Unless you forget your secret code assigned to the Zip file, it is Simple to open it.

You can unzip an archive file(without Password Protection) with a Double-Click. And if it has an Encryption. Then you need to enter the Secret code for accessing the files.

Almost all the Premium Zip creator Software provides Password Protection features. So make use of it while Sharing files online.

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