How To Free Up Space on iPhone | Tips & Tricks

How to clear storage on iPhone: 

Most of the Smartphones with High-Megapixel Camera will Face Storage space issue. With every new Picture captured on Mobile, memory space will Gradually decrease. Not just the Media files, All the Mobile Applications acquires more storage space. To free up more space on your iPhone, we need to follow a few tricks, and it should not hurt the functioning of the iOS device.

What grabs more space on iPhone:

Media & System backup files mostly take away a maximum of the data, And the backup files cannot be deleted as Media files. Only option to Wipe out the backup files is to Reset the Phone. To avoid the backup of system files, you need to Turn off the backup.

How to Free up Space on Apple iPhone:

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Here you will get a brief list of tricks that could solve the Memory storage issue on iPhone. As the List is too Big, we divided it into Categories: First as Files, Second as Messages, Third as Apps & its data. Let’s Check out them in detail.


From the Whole Memory Space, Files (Media & Documents) acquire a large portion. So We need to Focus more on the files that create the overloaded memory situations. Let’s fix it:

Videos & Photos:

  • Switch off the iCloud Syncronize process because of this feature; it creates cache files while creating the backup on the Cloud.
  • Disable auto-Download of Videos and Photos on all the Communications apps like Whatsapp, iMessage, etc.
  • Delete the Duplicate Photos and Videos captured on Camera App. Also Turn off the ‘Burst Mode’ on iPhone.
  • Erase the Video, Music that is meant for entertainment. And Subscribe to the Entertainment sites and Apps which won’t store any files on mobile.


  • Clear the notes that have media files added in it.
  • Remove the iBooks downloaded on your mobiles, prefer reading them online.
  • Wipe the Reading list created with Schedules.

Apps & its Data:

Applications may consume most of the Memory space, depending on its functionality. Apps like cab booking, food ordering, and banking require more Storage space to work perfectly. Check out the Tweaks; you need to perform on mobile.

  • Monitor the Apps that are not important and delete them from Mobile.
  • Disable the default apps that are installed on mobile if cannot uninstall them.
  • Clear the leftovers of the uninstalled apps to add more free space.
  • Reset the Mobile to Factory settings In case it is hard to Free up space.


Compared to Personal messages, We will be receiving more Promotions and deals. This fills up the Complete memory space and leaves you overloaded after a month or two. So follow the below steps:

  • Delete the Older messages by filtering the Important information.
  • Set the Messages to Auto-deleted after certain duration to clear space.

Few Effective Tweaks to free up storage on iPhone:

Capture the Pictures with a new feature called ‘High Efficiency,’ It saves space by automatically Compressing the images to the Lowest Possible way.

  • Sign up on iTunes and enjoy live streaming of Music without storing on the mobile device.
  • Update iOS to the latest Version, some of the updates will provide you 100MB to 1GB of Free space.
  • Clear Recently Deleted Pictures from Photos App> Recently Deleted, Delete the Files.
  • Wipe out the browsing History of all the Web searches along with Downloads information.
  • Delete all Voicemail messages saved on your Internal Storage Drive.
  • Adjust the Resolution in Camera settings to keep the Storage issues at bay.

All the above Tips will surely Free up Space on your mobile without any issues of Mobile Functioning. After all, You must transfer media Files to PC if all the above Tweaks didn’t work on your Mobile.

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