How to remove yourself from a group text on iPhone

How to get out of a group text: Leaving a Group Text or Chat is Tough and we cannot come to the conclusion unless it is clearly identified. Basically, there are two different types of Group Chat, One which belongs to the Cellular Network and Other using the iMessage which requires just Internet Access. In a text message, you can share a Text message and when on iMessage you can share Media files like Pictures, videos, Audio etc. So Here let’s get into brief about Group text on iPhone.

On iOS Device, we can Create Group Text using Cellular Network and Internet Access. On Cellular Network, we can send text messages to individual recipients. and it is Impossible to remove yourself from the Group text over Cellular Network. When comes to iMessage, we can simply leave from the Conversation with a Single Click. Read on to know how can you leave out from a Group Text on different ways and Applications.

How to remove yourself from a group text:

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The best way to Stay out of Group Text is by Quitting the Conversation, or else if you have no Choice you must ‘Mute’ the Conversation to halt all the alerts and Notifications. Now check the below tutorial for the procedure of Quitting Group Text on Different Applications on your iPhone and iPad.

iMessage App:

iMessages is the Most widely used messaging app on iOS Devices. so let’s Check out the procedure now:

For Leaving the Conversation:

  • Click open the iMessage App on your iPhone Device.
  • Navigate to the Group chat which you feel is annoying.
  • Click on details and Scroll down to reach Leave this Conversation
  • And Confirm with ‘OK’ Option

that’s it you are out of the That particular Annoying Group Chat and you no longer get involved in their Conversations

Mute the Conversation:

If you do not want to make a note and Hurt the Participants on the Group Chat. Then you must choose other Options like ‘Silence Mode’:

  • Launch the iMessage App and open the group text
  • Navigate to ‘details’ option to view the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option
  • Turn off the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Toggle Switch

Done, you will be in the Safe Zone now. You are not out of the Group but will stay away from the alerts and Notifications.

Facebook App:

Facebook Messenger is one of the important Application to have a conversation with other users online. It supports Media files, Text Messages, etc.

  • To Leave a Group Text on Facebook
  • Launch the Facebook Messenger App and Open the Annoying Group
  • Then click on Three Dots on Top Right Corner to View the FB Settings
  • Scroll down to reach ‘Leave Group’ and Submit it with ‘OK’

Go SMS Pro:

  • Open Go SMS Pro and Navigate to Settings Option
  • Scroll down to get Blocker option, Click on it
  • Then tap on Gear icon visible at Top-right Corner and Choose Blacklist Option
  • Now Add the Annoying Group to this Blacklist
  • And save Changes to Apply the Group Text Settings


  • Leave an Annoying Whatsapp Group this Way:
  • Open the Whatsapp Application and Select that Specific Group(which you wanted to exit)
  • Then click on Group Settings where you can Mute the Complete Notifications and Alerts
  • or Else Swipe from Left to Right on The Group name to get Exit Button
  • Also, Delete your Group from the Logs with a Click from same Group Settings


Textra App is Similar to Go SMS Pro:

  • Click on Textra App and Launch the App
  • Tap on ‘Settings’ option appearing on Top-right Corner
  • Select the ‘Blacklist’ option to view the list of Blacklisted Groups
  • Mark the Annoying Group you like to Delete and shift it to Blacklist
  • Save all the Changes applied it now

That’s it you have successfully Left the Group Text without using any external software.

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