How to know if your phone is hacked(Being Spied)

How to tell if your phone is being spied on: It feels terrible when you got to know that your Mobile is hacked. In this Digital era, most of the Credentials & Information is linked to our gadgets, and if we are not aware of Security issues, then we can help the victims of the Hackers. Taking Control of one person’s mobile without the proper authentication is difficult, and Some People illegally do it with the intention to sell the information for Cash. So to be away from this type of incidents, every Person must make sure that his/her device is spied.

Hackers mainly send a malware into Devices as an attached file to authorized Software which we believe to be authentic. But Later on, hacker initiates the Backend process to take control of that device slowly. Once a Spyware or malware is entered into our Gadgets, it is difficult to bring the Mobile to normal State. So it is better to kick out that malware at the entrance itself. So here we have explained a brief guide on how to Protect your Phone and Also a Checklist of 10 Factors that confirms if the phone is being Spied.

How to Know If your Phone is hacked:

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1)Open Source Wifi Connectivity:

Nowadays, Government is installing Free Wi-Fi network in all the Public areas like Railway station, Airport, and Bus stops. Etc. In case you are connected to that network, Disconnect the network as soon as you stop using it. Because it is the Perfect source for Hackers to install the Trojans in a large number of gadgets as they all are connected to a Single Network.

2) Extreme Pop-ups:

Pop-ups are the most disturbing things, in the digital world. It deviates you from the task and Leaves you nowhere. And in case if your phone is hacked, you can get confirm with no intentional loading of Apps or Browser over a single Click on the screen.

3) Battery Draining issues:

Battery consumption varies on each Application and A new App installed on Mobile will drain the energy of the battery. So if a Malware is unintentionally entered on your Mobile and you can pick the software & kick it out by referring the Battery information on Settings.

4) Unknown applications installation:

While installing a mobile application, you must go through a series of menu options. So in this process, you may accept the installation of Spying Programs if you are not aware of it. This way, a Malware program enters the device and Take control of it without your knowledge.

5) Data Usage:

Either you connect the Mobile to Wifi or access a Cellular data, you must check the used ones in a while. Because a spying software requires more data to communicate with the Source PC.

6) Increased Mobile Bill:

Once you lost control over the Calls & Messages, And if it seems like someone is spying on you. Then you can confirm it with monthly Mobile Bill or the charges applied on every time you get a deduction on the Wallet

7) Redirections to different Web Pages:

Browsing the Internet can also give you a hint that, you are under Hacked Zone. And you must carefully use the mobile phone until the malware is found and Deleted from the Computer. While loading a Web page browser automatically redirect it to unknown sites and if you submit any of the details there, then you will face danger issues.

8) Call Forwarding feature:

Call Forwarding or diversion is another way of taking out all the juice in the Fruit similar to data Leaks or Breaches. Without giving an alert or notification, all your calls are forwarded to the hackers, and he uses all your benefits & charges you.

9) Text Messages Reports:

Bank and other financial companies send notifications on every bit change in the figure. Do check the Messages everytime you make a transaction to make sure your mobile is in safe hands. or Else you need to fix the issue as soon as possible

10) Email Blocking:

Every Email Service Provider maintains a Spam Folder and if not you get several unwanted information that could waste a lot of time. Most of the time, Hackers picks the Email section of the mobile as the First target. After that, your Credential information like bank details, passwords, Media files is looted. All these processes will be silently down by Blocking the alerts & notifications received as emails and transfers to the Spam Folder.

Hope this Checklist will help you in the know about Spying trojans on your Computer, Do comment your views in the below Section.

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