How to restart iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s and 7 | iPhone Tricks

How to restart your iPhone: Restarting iPhone is only the Last hope for Refreshing the Mobile Phone in short instant of time. Most of the Time, we choose the Restart Method while installing a new Application that needs a Complete mobile restart. So here in this article, we drafted about “How to Restart iOS devices” and Do read the Topic till the end to understand it completely.

Different Between Factory Reset and Restart:

Factory Reset and Restart are Both different Topics but seems to be similar all the time. So to make it Clear read the below points:

–>> Restarting a Mobile or PC will Refresh the complete Mobile Functionality as a Fresh start. And it just Re-opens the mobile or PC to fix the Errors like Phone Hanging, Mobile Processing issues, etc.

–>> Factory Reset means deleting all the Mobile or PC data to get the State of Mobile as if we bought the Mobile just now. It erases all the temporary and unnecessary files created as soon as we make use of different Mobile applications.

How to Force restart iPhone:

Force restart and Just Mobile restart are also different from each other. We use both of them to Turn Off the device in different cases, so let’s Check the Normal Restart and Force Restart of iPhone this way.

To Restart the iPhone in a Normal way, follow this:

  • Press & Hold the Power Button available on the side of the Screen.
  • Then you see a Slider Menu, Swipe it to get the Turn Off option and Click on it.
  • Wait till the iPhone Turns off, and Keep in Still mode for 5 to 10 Minutes.
  • After that, Press & Hold the Side Button to Turn ON the iPhone.
  • In no time, you get to see the Apple logo; then it starts the mobile device.

To Force restart the iPhone, Do this:

  • Press & Hold Home Button + Top Button to get the Slider options.
  • Swipe the Slider to get the Turn off Switch, Click on it.
  • Wait till it completely Turns off and when it is completely done.
  • After few Minutes, Press & Hold the Home Button + Top Button to Turn ON the Apple device.
  • Within a few minutes, you will see that Apple Logo will be displayed and in no time, it start the Mobile.

How to Force restart iPad:

iPad has a bit different procedure for rebooting it, and you could find the process below:

  • When you face an issue like Your iPad has got the Frozen state, Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake Button + Volume UP for 2 to 3 seconds
  • Then you get to see a Slider on the Screen, click on Turn off the option to Switch off the iPad.
  • So your iPad is in Switch Off Mode now, Then Press & Hold the Top Button for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Now, Apple logo will be displayed on the Screen, and within a short time, iPad will Turn ON.

How to Restart iPad:

For a Normal restart of iPad, do follow this:

  • Go to Main Screen, Then Press & Hold the Top Button for 2 Seconds.
  • Within no time, a Slider will be displayed on the iPad Screen.
  • Swipe it to get the Turn off the option, and Click on it.
  • Now, your mobile will be Turned off, and in a few seconds, you get to see a Blank Screen.
  • This way you could Turn off the iPad and Turn it ON, Press & Hold the Top Button for few a seconds.
  • Then Apple Logo will be displayed on the Screen, And within few seconds iPad will start.

So by Using the above methods, we could Restart the iPhone device as well as iPad. And I hope you get to know the mobile restart Procedure. Do comment your views from the below Section.

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