How to Recover unsaved Word Document Mac – Tips & Tricks

How to recover word document not saved: Microsoft word document has several features to help the user in every positive way. Depending on the usage, it works best all the cases, and when it comes to recovering the unsaved Word Document, we need to overlook the features of every Ms office Version. And all the versions of the MS Office has the feature of recovering the unsaved Word file with a simple Trick, and we need to apply it the way it has to be. So we have drafted this article to figure out the perfect choices for recovering the Word Document files when you close without saving the file.

Microsoft Word Document allows saving a backup File of any new word automatically. And you need to activate this Feature from the settings option. So it is a recommended Feature to be in save zone when you face a Problem like System Crash or Windows Boot-up issues etc.

How to recover unsaved word document 2007, 2010, 2016:

Method-1: Get the Temporary File on the Hard Disk

In General, Temporary files are created automatically by the Windows itself to save from all kinds of Accidentally actions and also helps to load the Files Bit Faster than the Normal way. And if you want to get back the unsaved word document from temporary files follow this:

  • Press Windows Button + R to load the Run application.
  • Type in ‘Temp’ and Click on ‘Enter’ Button in the Keyboard.
  • In No Time, you get to see a New Window with a list of Temporary Files.

This way you land in temporary files Windows on the PC, Their Check out each and every file whose name starts with ‘~’ symbol. In this process, you could get the Original Document; you left unsaved while closing it.

Method-2: Find the Backup file to Access the Original File

Here in this process, we need to find the Backup file of the Word Document, and it gets back the Data of the original file without any changes. To perform this Task, we need to Setup and Enable the Backup of the Microsoft Word. And after setting up the Word Document Backup Follow this below steps:

  • Open a new Microsoft Word Document and Click on File to get the Drop Down Menu.
  • From the options, Click on ‘Word Options’ and navigate to the ‘Save.’
  • Then you get to see the Location of the Microsoft Word Document.

Since the name cannot be same of the original Word Document, Check each and every File (with .wbk extension) to find the original file.

Method-3: Using Word Auto Recover Tool

You could Delete the Word Document and gain access to the deleted file with the help of its traces. So it is Better to prefer the Auto recover Tool to get the original file than using an external document recovery software without any hassle. And to make use of the Word Auto Recover Tool in the Best way, Follow this:

  • Press Windows Button and Search for ‘Microsoft Word Document.’
  • Click on it to open a New word Document, Now Click on ‘File’ option visible at the Top Left corner.
  • Then From the Drop-down Menu, Tap on ‘Recent’ and from the options Click on ‘Recover Unsaved Documents.’
  • Now, you will land on a new window where the Recent Word Document was saved.

Find the unsaved File and Open it. Then you will be live on your Screen. Do edit the File and Save it without any delay. This way you could recover the unsaved Word Document without any external source and software usage. And you can verify all the methods that they are safe & no risk of losing anything.

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