How to Check Apple iTunes purchase history on iPhone & iPad

App store purchase history iPhoneAny iPhone user can check the iTunes Purchases History and There are also different ways to view the Purchases history on Mac and Mobile device too. And to give a Clear picture of the Procedure, we have written this guide about ‘Apple Purchase History.’ So Read the complete article till the End to understand the Topic.

iTunes on iPhone stores all the Purchases made on PC and Mobile. And as it is the Main source for purchases on Apple, you need to keep track of all the Transactions. In case you faced on an error, you definitely, need to get it resolved through the Support Team.

Most of the People search for ‘iTunes App Purchase History Methods’ and get the most common ways. They search for this issue because they could not access it from the Normal way or they are new to it and want to know it. In one case, they could give them an explanation, and in other cases, you need to fix the issue that is raised as a technical issue. And you could find the Purchase history accessing guides, and you fix the iTunes Errors, get the TunesCare software Tool.

How to check iTunes purchase history on iPhone:

Three different Methods are available to check the Purchase History of iPhone, and you can pick any of them & apply it to know about iTunes purchase history:

1) iTunes purchases on iPhone:

To Check the Purchase History, we need to have the iTunes app on the iPhone device along with login credentials of the User. And if you have got them to follow the Below instructions:

  • Open the iPhone device and Navigate to iTunes mobile Application
  • Tap on it to get the Login Screen of iTunes Account, And Fill the User name Credentials.
  • When the app loads the Dashboard of iTunes, Now Tap on ‘More’ Button visible at the Bottom left the corner.
  • Then navigate to ‘Purchased’ option, Here a new screen open-up with all the categories, Uncheck the Music option.
  • And Click on ‘Ok.’ Finally, you land on the Purchase history of the iTunes.
  • To get the Land Purchase history, Click on “Recent Purchases” to view the sorted list.

2) iTunes Billing history on Mac:

iTunes Billing or Purchase History can be viewed on Mac PC, and Even you can access it on Windows Computer too. So Let’s check the process in the below steps:

  • Download iTunes Desktop Version software on Windows or Mac PC and Install the Software Application.
  • Launch the iTunes Application on the PC, and get the Dashboard of iTunes.
  • Now login to your iTunes Account with the Username and Password Credentials.
  • When you get to see iTunes Home screen, Click on ‘Account’ option to display Dropdown Menu.
  • Then Click on ‘View My Account’ option, Confirm your Password to verify the identity.
  • It loads the iTunes Account section, Here Scroll down till you reach ‘Purchase History’ and Tap on it.

3) Get Apple store purchase history without iTunes:

Purchase history on the Apple devices can be accessed in one more Unique way, and this time we don’t need the iTunes app itself. And it is a different way to get the purchase history on Apple devices. Also, you must go through a unique procedure to get the Job Done in no time. To get the Apple Purchase History on Computer or Mobile without iTunes. Follow the Below tutorial:

Now you will directly land on the iTunes transaction Tab, and you can check the purchase details of iTunes till 90 days.

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