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How to set ringtone in Moto E4 Plus

Many of you may also be facing the same issue while setting up a mobile ringtone in Moto E4 Plus.To set a music ringtone in Moto E4 Plus, multiple ways are available.So in this article, I will tell you the different ways to set ringtone in Motorola Moto E4 Plus.

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Set Ringtone In Motorola Moto E4 Plus

Set Ringtone Without Third Party Applications

  • First, download or save the desired ringtone to your Moto E4 or Moto E4 Plus. It is fine if you have the music file in microSD card.
  • Now open the pre-installed file manager.
  • Browse the folder where the ringtone is saved.
  • Copy the file by long pressing the file and then tap on copy button which is at the top.(overlapping square box button just before vertical three dots.)
  • Now go to the folder Local->Internal storage->Ringtones.
  • Paste the file.
  • To set that tune, follow the steps given below.

Set Ringtone

  • Go to the Settings->Sound->Phone Ringtone.
  • Choose the ringtone which you want it as phone ringtone.
  • Tap on OK. The ringtone will be set.

If you are unable to set Ringtone on your Moto E4 Plus using above method then you can download a third-party file manager like ES File Manager & follow these steps:-

  • Download ES file explorer from Google Play store.
  • Go to the Setting->Sound->Phone Ringtone.
  • Select ES file explorer to open.
  • Browse to the location where the ringtone is saved.
  • Tap on OK. The ringtone will be set.
  • Done…:)

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