How to track an iPhone without knowing them

How to track someone’s iPhone without knowing themHow to track someone’s iPhone without knowing them: Every iPhone and Android device can be tracked using several Mobile Tracing Software. And even Android & iOS devices has its feature of finding a Lost phone without any need for third-party software. Similarly, there are many ways to track a mobile or any other device concerning cellular Network or Internet access.

How to track an iPhone without knowing them:

A lot of Tools are available online to try out yourself and choose an authentic one from them. But before you try them, make use of this below-listed tools. Here we have sorted a List of nine effective tools to get trace an iPhone device with simple Setup and Management:

Fone Monitor:

Fone Monitor is a Powerful Tool with Premium Plans to easily track any device with a Quick Setup. And to Trace a target mobile, you need to do this:

  • Install Fone Monitor on the Target iPhone device.
  • Sign up with a Premium Plan on Fone Monitor App.
  • Allows Access to all the requests opened as Pop-up.
  • After all, Click on ‘Start Monitoring’ to Turn ON the Mobile Tracking System.

Within seconds, the application will be removed from the Target mobile. Therefore your Friend or Colleague cannot find the Tracking System.

GPS Tracker by FollowMee:

GPS Phone Tracker App is a Top-rated app in the Social category on iOS Platform. It has several features like Location Monitor, Data Privacy, etc. It is a Premium Application helps to stay connected with Friends and Family members through GPS connectivity. Now, let’s Check out the Setup:

  • Install the GPS Phone Tracker Application on your mobile along with Target iPhone.
  • Launch the App and Create Account with your Credentials.
  • Now Link all the devices with your Current Mobile & Activate all of them.

That’s it, you need to do, and you are all set to keep Track of all the Device at any moment with Internet Access.

Copy9 Application is a Multi-Purpose Tool made available for all Android and iPhone devices. It gives the Call log details, Views Text Messages, GPS Tracking, Calls recording Features, etc features to make it useful for all kinds of users. With Copy9 Application, you could gain access to all the Spying related Features along with Mobile Tracking System. Now let’s check out the Application setup:

  • Install the Copy9 App on your Target iPhone.
  • Launch the App and Sign up with a Premium Plan.
  • Allows all the Permissions required for Tracking the Device.
  • Turn ‘ON’ Location services from the device settings app.
  • And now install the App on your device with same user details.

This way, you could manage and take advantage of all the features of Copy9 App.

Similarly to Copy9, GPS Tracker by FollowMee, Fone Monitor, you could also Try out myspy, Spyzie, and Highster Mobile,

Find My Friends iPhone:

By default, iOS devices have the Feature of ‘Share my Location.’ Using which you could solve the iPhone Tracking Problem. Follow the below steps to track an iPhone without them knowing:

  • Turn ON the Toggle Switch of Settings app on iPhone.
  • Add the name of the device in your network and link it with your mobile.
  • On your next Pop-up Menu, Click on ‘Don’t Share.’

And from now on, you can track the Linked iPhone devices anytime by navigating to the ‘Share my Location’ section on Settings App.

Find My Device Google:

Google has also implemented the same method of Tracking System similar to ‘Share my Location’ on iOS devices. It works with Gmail, and whenever you lose your device, you can get the last location of your Login.

  • Install Gmail App on your Target Mobile.
  • Login with your Gmail credentials and Turn ‘ON’ Internet access.
  • Link the Target mobile with your Gmail account.
  • And whenever you want to track iPhone device, search for ‘Find My Device’ on Google.
  • Navigate to ‘Google Find my device’ dashboard.
  • Here you will get to know about the Exact location of a device.

This way you get the access to mobile Tracking system using Gmail Account.

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