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How to use computer without mouse windows 10How to use computer without mouse windows 10: Trying out different things on the computer is fun, and you will learn a lot too by using different tricks. In case you tried to use a computer without Mouse, it is more fun, and when you practice it you do use the computer without using Mouse. If you know about Computer Shortcut Keys, then you are all set to try this Trick. There are also other ways, in which you could use the PC without Mouse, but it requires software.

As Keyboard and Mouse are the Most important input devices for computer, mostly we prefer them for all kinds of Programs. In case, we have to play games; we attach a Joystick or Controller for Easy handling purpose. And Most of the Artists and designers use different devices to create sketches or designs. And software professionals use only Mouse and Keyboard. This way, every person has it’s his/her works and if you feel like using just a keyboard. Then must learn the trick to avoid usage of Mouse.

How to use Computer without Mouse:

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There are three ways to use the PC without Mouse, and you can pick any of the software from the list below. First Process is Using the Computer shortcut keys, the Second process is by Turning ‘ON’ Mouse Keys, and Three Process is handling through Third Party software.

Computer Shortcuts:

Computer Shortcuts are mainly the alternative keys to control all the tasks on your PC. Once you know the list of Shortcuts, then you are good to go. It saves a lot of time for the PC users while handling a Program. There is a Big List of shortcuts to make use of, and you need to apply it every time you use PC. Only then you will get practiced to get the most productive schedule over Computer Usage.

Turn On Mouse keys:

You can take Hold of Mouse Cursor by setting up a few changes in the access Functionality. And if you could Do it, then Your keyboard will work like the mouse, and you can control your PC with Keyboard itself. Here we have mentioned that the Access settings Tutorial below:

  • Press Windows Button and Search for ‘Control Panel.’
  • In the Control Panel Window, Click on ‘Ease of Access Center.’
  • Then Scroll down till you reach ‘Make the mouse easier to use.’
  • Click on it to view the Mouse Settings Menu.
  • Check the ‘Turn On Mouse Keys’ box and Then Select the ‘Set Up Mouse Keys’ option.
  • Here Check the ‘Turn On Mouse Keys with left ALT+ Left Shift + NUM LOCK’ Box.
  • Also, Check the ‘Display the Mouse keys icon on the Taskbar’ box.
  • After all the above settings, Go back to Desktop and you will see ‘new icon’ on the right side of Taskbar.
  • Just Click on it, you will see a List of keys which you need to use for taking Control of Mouse from now on.

Use NeatMouse Software :

NeatMouse is a Third Party software to take a shift from Mouse to Keyboard Usage. Using Neat Mouse software, you could Customize the Mouse cursor settings with the keyboard keys, and Therefore you could control the PC using keyboard Keys.  To learn about NeatMouse software and also about managing the PC with keyboard Follow the below Process:

  • Go to the official Page of NeatMouse Website and download the setup file.
  • Launch the NeatMouse Application on your Desktop, go to Dashboard.
  • Here you will see all the options related to mouse keys, check them carefully.
  • And Set the most suitable option for all the mouse keys.
  • After all Finally Save the changes to apply the Keyboard keys to control Mouse keys.

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