How to close all apps on iPhone & iPad

Close Apps On Iphone

Closing Apps on iPhone: Applications on the iPhone are Fast to load and mostly never hear about the slow loading of Apps on the Mobile. Also, it gives a perfect online experience. So coming to the topic, have you ever faced an issue of Closing all the apps on iPhone with …

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How to know if someone blocked your number on iPhone

Blocked On Iphone

How do you know if someone blocked your number: We use Call blocking system for several issues, and in case you know about someone if he /she has blocked your number, you need to read the complete guide explained in the below section. Here you mostly get confirmation about the person …

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How To Save Battery On iPhone 5,5S, 6, 6S – iPhone Tips And Tricks

iPhone 6 Battery

How to improve iPhone battery Life: iPhone has excellent interface along with Speedy performance. Due to this High-Quality Features, Apple devices may get the Battery issues. Hence, you need to figure out the ways that could help you to decrease the Power Consumption on the iPhone. So To help you with …

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A Better Guide to Magic Mouse Mac Gestures

Apple’s Magic Mouse is the first offering from Apple to mate the capabilities of a Multi-Touch surface with a movable mouse. The result may be the best mouse Apple has ever made or the worst, depending on your expectations. The Magic Mouse has good points and bad points, but it …

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How to share screen on skype Mac, iPad & Windows

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Share screen Skype Mac, iPad & Windows: Skype is a lot of features to make use of and the Specially added Feature called ‘Screen Sharing’ gives a Perfect tool to narrate or explain for a Group of People on one Instant of time. This feature has added more value to …

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How to Connect Apple Watch to WiFi | iOS Tricks

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How to connect Apple Watch to Wifi: As like of your Apple iPhones & iPads Apple watch also has WiFi Antenna band which allows the user to directly connect to WiFi. So in this article, I will tell you How To Use WiFi On Apple Watch | IOS Tips And Tricks. Use WiFi …

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Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 drop Test, and this is what happened?

Apple has been advertising and marketing the iPhone X for its large OLED display screen with minimum bezels. And it is remember the fact that that with a larger display screen, comes extra probabilities of getting it cracked or chipped. To not fail to remember, getting a damaged display screen …

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5 Best Fast Charging Power Adapters For iPhones

There’s nothing much better and important than a handy travel charger that lets you keep your iPhone charged up at all the times whenever required. A portable iPhone wall charger that’s got two or more USB ports with the right rating can help you charge more than one device. And if …

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