How To Fix ‘iPhone Battery Draining Fast’ issue

iPhone battery draining fastMobile has become the most important device for every adult person to manage, Communicate, Banking , entertainment, etc. It is an All-in-one device to do all the work with your fingertips. Of all the Mobiles, iPhone is the most used phones after Android devices. Due to the increase in usage of multi-apps and operating it for a lot of time, the iPhone mobile can lose its capability to perform better. Especially, the Battery life of the iPhone reduces faster than expected. Nothing can make the Battery to take back to its original state. But if you can priorly spot the battery draining issue, then you can follow below Tweaks to get most of the Battery life.

Figure out Battery life in Still state:

It is the first step; you need to do when you feel like the iPhone mobile is draining Fast. Take an hour to 2, Leave the Mobile in a normal mode and note down the Battery charge & timings. After 1 or 2 hours, check the battery levels in the iPhone. If it is Draining more than 2 to 3 percentage, then you need to follow the below steps. This test is to figure out if the mobile is draining.

How to fix ‘iPhone Battery Draining so fast’ issue:

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Background App Refresh:

Background App Refresh is a unique Feature available in iOS devices. It gives access to the settings of Application which automatically uses the internet access to make changes in it. When you find suspicious activity on App then, you must turn off the application from the ‘Background App Refresh’ feature on Settings.

Push Mails:

Push Mails are the Alerts that are created by the Email Application itself. Every time a new mail is received, it shows on the screen. Most of the Mails, we get on our daily basis are mainly of Promotions, and they tend to attract us to buy the product. So in case, the Mail app is set to default( Turn on), take a minute and turn off the mails in its settings.

iPhone analytics:

Almost all the Mobile Manufacturers add a feature called ‘Auto-send diagnostic data’ to every phone. And it consumes some of the battery energy every time; it sends the information on mobile. This feature doesn’t make any difference even if you Turn it Off. So Quickly go to Settings and Tap on Privacy. Then Switch off the ‘Share iPhone Analytics.’

Stop Notifications:

Along with Mails, you will also get alerts of every App installed on mobile. So this alerts will drag the Battery energy to lower levels. Switch off the Notifications on the Phone settings.

Location Services:

Unless you use a Cab or Food delivery or other navigation based app, Turn Off the Location Services. The GPS System needs more battery power to grab your location. So Turn off the Location from Settings> Privacy> Location to save battery power.

Enable Reduce Motion:

You might not know, that we can stop the Special Animations and Sounds on our iPhone that could save more battery Power. All the Shiny features like light Blinking, Sounds, etc. come under this animations.

Disable Widgets:

Remove or disable the unwanted widgets on the iPhone screen, because it requires Battery life to show up on the screen and highlight with different colors to make it attractive.

Monitor the Apps:

Not all the mobile applications work the same way. You need to monitor the internet data usage of apps to pick out the Trojan applications. Remove the app that is consuming More internet data to fix the battery Draining issue. Because it needs more battery power to catch up with  internet access.

Look at Battery Health:

The Battery also has different modes; it helps you to take control of the current state of mobile functionality. Just take a look at the battery Health through Settings>Battery>Battery Health.

Factory Reset your iPhone:

Factory reset option will clear all the dirt and dust created on your iPhone by all the installed Mobile applications. Before you do it Backup the important data to stay safe. So just go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content & Settings.

Hardware Problem:

Maybe your iPhone has a problem with its components. In general, the software creates the battery issues and if you found no problem in software. You must check the Hardware components which is not an easy thing. So Contact iPhone support Team and Follow their instructions to fix the iPhone Battery Drains Quickly within no time.

Above List of Tweaks will give you Good results, if not you must Visit the iPhone Store which is the ultimate thing you can do to fix the Battery Problem.

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