How To Disable Touch Screen on Windows 10

turn off touch screen windows 10 |how to disable touch screen on windows 10 | how to turn off touch screen on windows 10

How to Disable touch screen on Windows 10: As a gadget user, you know about the touch screen Technology, and Nowadays, Maximum of the Mobiles are built with touch Screen accessibility. And the Tablets are completes designed with Touch Screen Technology. In the Same Way, manufacturers are adding this Technology …

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All About Amazon Echo Plus | Gadgets Amazon | Speakers

Amazon Echo Plus

Its Alexa voice assistant has spread its wings to third-party devices, but if you were in any doubt that Amazon still had interest in producing its own smart speaker hardware, that would have been wiped away by the announcement of not one, but three new Amazon Echo Plus smart speaker devices in …

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How to see Private (Hidden) Facebook Photo Albums

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How to view private facebook pictures: The Social network sites can connect you with billions of people all around the world. With a single click, you get connected with any of the Social network users. Most of the People share their Photos and Videos to stay connected with the friends, colleagues etc. …

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Zanco Tiny T1 World Smallest Mobile Phone | Zance Tiny T1

Zancy Tiny T1

In the days where smartphones are getting bigger than our palm sizes, Clubit New Media in collaboration with Zanco released Zanco Tiny t1, the world’s smallest phone which is literally smaller than the average human thumb.So in this article, you will get to know about Zance Tiny T1 phone. Zanco Tiny T1 World …

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Top Alternatives For Facetime On Android | Tips & Tricks

Alternative To Facetime

Looking for a way to get FaceTime for Android? Unfortunately, Such applications only available for IOS devices.So in this article, I will tell you Top Alternatives For Facetime On Android | Tips & Tricks. Top Alternatives For Facetime On Android Cabana Cabana is one of the unique FaceTime alternatives. You can call …

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How To Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working in windows 10

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How To Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working in Windows 10: Keyboard as a Hardware Component has several issues. Both Software and Hardware related troubles can cause it not to work properly. Internally, it may be due to the Disabled Access to the Keys and Software updates can be the reason …

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All About World First Anti-Mining Browser | Tips & Tricks

World First Anti Mining Browser

Android is an operating system that allows full customization accessibility to software and apps that are used.This allows us to switch Chrome from any browser, one of the best alternatives being Opera. This browser has now been revamped and gives the user a much better user experience. So in this …

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How To Fix ‘iPhone Battery Draining Fast’ issue

iphone battery draining fast | iphone battery draining fast all of a sudden | why is my iphone battery draining so fast | iphone battery dies quickly

iPhone battery draining fast: Mobile has become the most important device for every adult person to manage, Communicate, Banking , entertainment, etc. It is an All-in-one device to do all the work with your fingertips. Of all the Mobiles, iPhone is the most used phones after Android devices. Due to the …

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How To Free Up Space on iPhone | Tips & Tricks

how to free up space on iphone | how to free up storage on iphone | how to clear storage on iphone | how to manage storage on iphone | how to clear app data on iphone

How to clear storage on iPhone:  Most of the Smartphones with High-Megapixel Camera will Face Storage space issue. With every new Picture captured on Mobile, memory space will Gradually decrease. Not just the Media files, All the Mobile Applications acquires more storage space. To free up more space on your …

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