How to change font on iPhone and Android

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How to Change Font on Android: Font Size and Text Style can be changed In Android and iPhone in Different ways. In Android, we could change the font directly from the settings app, and in the case of iPhone, we need to opt for Font based Mobile application to get …

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How to root android phone Manually

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How to root your Android Phone: Rooting is the Best way to obtain the Previous Versions of Android OS within a short time. Mostly, it is a risky thing to take part against Android Functionality. If you are a Mobile geek and want to try out some crazy tricks with your …

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How To Connect To Ethernet | Internet Tips And Tricks

how to connect to ethernet | how to use ethernet cable

How to Connect Ethernet cable to laptop windows 10: You can Use Ethernet Cable to get access to the Internet from the Router by ignoring wireless connectivity. Ethernet is the only way to get maximum of the Internet speed as it is the directly connected to the router itself. Most …

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How To Stop Automatic Updates In Windows 10 | Tips & Tricks

Stop Windows 10 Update

Windows is one of the most popular & stable operating system available. Also, Microsoft provides regular updates to increase the stability & security but sometimes it is annoying because there is no option to stop getting the update.So in this article, I will tell you How To Stop Automatic Updates In …

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How to Go incognito on safari – iPhone Tips And Tricks

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Private Browsing Safari: Private Browsing on Safari is possible, and it is similar to the Incognito window on Google Chrome Web Brower. Opening an Incognito Window is easy, and you could make use of it for Several reasons. And Here in this article, we will let you know more about the …

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How To Get Free Google Play Credit | Tips And Tricks

Free Google Play Credit

Google Android Play Store is one of the most popular & largest application store available.Most of the apps in the store are free but there are some which you have to play before download.So in this article, I will tell you How To Get Free Google Play Credit. How To Get …

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How to Move a Picture in Word Document – Tech Tips

how to move a picture in word | how to rotate a picture in word | how to insert picture in word | move picture in word

How to Move Picture in Word Document: Moving a picture in Microsoft Word is easy with the Latest version of MS office software. Also, you could Rotate a video in the older versions of MS word, but it is a little tricky. So here in this article, we will let …

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4 Best Skype Alternatives to make a Video Call

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Skype Alternatives: As we all know that Skype is the best video chat software with High-Quality video picture. It is the First software to provide internet users to have a Video Conference and even have a Meeting from the different place around the world. And with the Tech Trends, we have …

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How to delete Snapchat messages Permanently

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How to delete Snapchat messages:  Snapchat is the best App to connect with Friends and Communicate with them. When it has introduced Live stories and Status Update. Most of the Snapchat users post their daily feeds using status update feature. Most of the features attracted the users to continue using …

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