How To Delete Snapchat Story | Snapchat Tips And Tricks

How To Delete Snapchat Story

How to delete Snapchat story: Snapchat has got lot of attention with the Most Trendy updates like Status and Snapchat stories update. It has even added a feature to Download or save the stories on to Mobile along with Data base of all the People who viewed the snapchat stories. …

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How To Use Picsart For Computer In Windows | Tips & Tricks

Picsart On windows, how to use picsart,, how to use picsart app

How to use PicsArt Application on PC and Mobile: PicsArt is a Brilliant Application to Edit the Pictures, it has a lot of Design features like Effects, Filters, etc. Along with Photo Functionality, it has Embedded the Social Networking space to connect with the friends and Family Members. So you …

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How To Permanently Delete Snapchat Messages From Phone

Snapchat Messages

If you’re interested in deleting the Snapchat messages you either sent or received while using the app all you need to do is a few steps and you’ll be saved from a potentially embarrassing moment that no one wants to be stuck in. Follow these steps to delete the messages permanently on …

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Top 7 Apps Alternative to Teamviewer for the PC

Teamviewer Alternative

Teamviewer Alternative Free:Teamviewer is the best application to share your Laptop Screen towards all kinds of Computers, and it gives you a high-quality video sharing feature. Using Teamviewer app, you could narrate and instruct the Colleagues about the project. Also, it provides you the Best Communication System to collaborate with …

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How to connect Facebook to Twitter for automatic Posting


How to link Facebook to Twitter: Twitter is the most recommended app to connect with a lot of People, with a Simple and attractive Interface, it attracts Big number of People around the World. And when discussing about Social Networking site, we need to note that Facebook and Twitter continues …

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How to close all apps on iPhone & iPad

Close Apps On Iphone

Closing Apps on iPhone: Applications on the iPhone are Fast to load and mostly never hear about the slow loading of Apps on the Mobile. Also, it gives a perfect online experience. So coming to the topic, have you ever faced an issue of Closing all the apps on iPhone with …

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How To Use Google Chrome Task Manager | Tips And Tricks

Chrome Task Manager

Google chrome Task manager: Task Manager is an important feature in all the Computers and mobiles. It is added in every new device as default feature to fix the issue yourself. This way every device has its own features to help the consumers to solve the issue them self. And with …

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How to know if someone blocked your number on iPhone

Blocked On Iphone

How do you know if someone blocked your number: We use Call blocking system for several issues, and in case you know about someone if he /she has blocked your number, you need to read the complete guide explained in the below section. Here you mostly get confirmation about the person …

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How to download and install Whatsapp for Tablet

whatsapp | whatsapp for tablet

WhatsApp for Android Tablet: WhatsApp is the most preferred Instant Messenger application on all the smart Phone. From the beginning itself, WhatsApp has included a lot of Advanced Features to help the mobile user to share media files over Internet access. And now it has got a lot of Trendy features …

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4 Websites that Helps to Learn To Code

Learning how to code is no longer just for IT professionals and software engineers. As the face of every business has moved online, being able to manipulate what website visitors see and interact with has become treasured. CODECADEMY Codecademy is committed to giving the best learning experience through and through, …

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