Top 7 Apps Alternative to Teamviewer for the PC

Teamviewer Alternative Free:Teamviewer is the best application to share your Laptop Screen towards all kinds of Computers, and it gives you a high-quality video sharing feature. Using Teamviewer app, you could narrate and instruct the Colleagues about the project. Also, it provides you the Best Communication System to collaborate with a group of People at one instant of time. And if you got Trouble while using Teamviewer, then you have to Pick an alternative to Teamviewer to make use of Remote Desktop connectivity.

7 Best free remote access software Alternative to Teamviewer: is a Free and Top Rated Application for Remote Desktop access. It is the best Teamviewer Alternative application, and you need to accept it — the Special features of Join.Me includes ‘Scheduling Option for Meetings online,’ Automatic Archives, Conversations to 10 Participants at a time and White Board Creation. All the Features proves that it is the best Software similar to Teamviewer App. Also in app, you could Create a Personal Link to invite the other users to join in for the Meetings.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection:

Windows Remote Desktop Connection is a Microsoft Product made available for all kinds of Computers. All Features in this Software are Free, and once you start using this remote desktop tool, you will get to know more about it. The Benefits of using this Windows Product is its Fast Remote Desktop access and Simple Procedure for setting up the Application.


Splashtop provides services based on Free Plans and Premium Plans. All the basic Remote Desktop access is provided to every user with a limit for premium features and to get full access to each & every tool; you need to purchase Premium Subscription.

Real VNC:

This Application works on VNC Framework. With the Virtual Network technology, Real VNC proves to be the best Alternative to the Teamviewer Application. It gives Single to Multiple PC Connectivity for Group Conversation over the PC. Real VNC is available in Android and iOS platform. Hence you could install this software on any device running the Android and iOS operating system.

LogMeIn Pro:

LogMeIn Pro is a completely premium app, and you get all the Features in one package. Previously it was available as a free version, and now it was converted to Totally Premium Application with a bunch of new features that improve the Value of the Application.

Ultra VNC:

Ultra VNC is Freeware application with all the basic Tools that helps the PC users to communicate with the other Computer users with Internet Connectivity. In Ultra VNC, the developers have added special Features that allows users to switch between two remote Desktop Access software.

WebEx Free:

In WebEx Free, Auto Recordings of the Meetings and Scheduling are the Special features. Besides its Free Version of Desktop Access, you get Standard Features like End to End Encryption for Messages, Special markup tools to highlight the Text or Object on the Laptop Screen, etc. It is Supported in all the smart devices running iOS, Android and Windows OS, etc. And A small disadvantage here is it allows video conferencing to a maximum of 3 People.

AMMYY Admin:

AMMYY admin is Lightweight software to get the remote desktop access. It requires no installation, and it gets you straight to the remote access feature. Other than video Conferencing, AMMYY admin provides live Video chat and File Transferring between the PC, etc. Using AMMYY Admin, you get remote access to the other desktop Clients with a Single click and also avail other features like File Transfer, Live Video Chat, etc. AMMYY Admin is also available in Three different Plans Started, Corporate and Premium to support users in the daily task, Office works, and other professional Works.

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