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WhatsApp Updates For 2018 | Tips And Tricks WhatsApp

WhatsApp 2018

No doubt, WhatsApp, the most used messaging application around the world. Till now we have seen a lot of updates for this app.  So in this article, you will get all information about WhatsApp Updates For 2018. WhatsApp Updates For 2018 YOUTUBE PLAYER WhatsApp wants to integrate the possibility of writing into the app while …

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How to Set up and Activate New iPhone Perfectly

how to set up iphone | how to activate new iphone | set up new iphone | activate new iphone | how to activate iphone

How to set up iPhone:Every new device or Gadget has its setup is mandatory to kick-start the Complete Functionality. Only then, it gets ready to handle the tasks assigned by the users, and it never allows to start any mobile application without login process. You can set up a New iPhone …

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All About World First Anti-Mining Browser | Tips & Tricks

World First Anti Mining Browser

Android is an operating system that allows full customization accessibility to software and apps that are used.This allows us to switch Chrome from any browser, one of the best alternatives being Opera. This browser has now been revamped and gives the user a much better user experience. So in this …

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Chrome Beta 64 Blocks Redirecting Ads,New Navigation Bar

Google Chrome 64 Bit

Chrome 64 is scheduled to be released in January, which means we get a beta version this month. In Chrome Beta 64, the blocking feature for redirecting ads is enabled by default, there’s a white navigation bar for Android 8.1, and plenty of smaller changes for users and developers are …

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Tips & Tricks To Protect iPhone, Windows And Android Phones

Save Mobile Phones From Virus

Smartphones today have become a primary target for viruses and malware, and that includes iPhone, Windows Mobile Phone & Android Smartphones.So in this article, I will tell you Tips & Tricks To Protect iPhone, Windows And Android Phones. Protect iPhone, Windows And Android Phones Download Apps from Official Stores This is …

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All You Need To Know About Facebook New Feature | News

Facebook New Feature

Facebook introduces the new feature, the Facebook feature notifies users about photos they’re not tagged in by other peoples. So in this article, you will get to know about Facebook New Feature. Facebook New Feature The facial recognition technology, which uses artificially intelligent algorithms, doesn’t appear to have changed much since Facebook …

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Google Chrome To Block Ads From 15th FEB | Tech News

Google Chrome Ad Blocker

According to the latest report, Google Chrome will start implementing its Adblocker from Feb 2018. The update will be for both mobiles as well as desktop versions.So in this article, you will get to know about the new Google Chrome To Block Ads. Google Chrome To Block Ads The feature will …

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How To Create A Professional Branding Logos | Tips & Tricks

Create Professional Logo & Design

Most of the time you don’t Know How To Create a professional Branding Logos For Thier Brands, Website, Blog, And Social Media Pages / Profiles etc. So in this article, I will tell you How To Create A Professional Branding Logos | Tips & Tricks. Create A Professional Branding Logos DesginEvo Is One …

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Follow Photo Trends In Instagram Using Hashtag | Tips And Tricks

Trends On Instagram

Instagram has always been the kind of social network where you follow specific people. Sure, there’s an Explore section where you can find something new, but that’s about it. Recently, Instagram comes with the new feature that’ll have you following your interests while still getting to know new people. Trends …

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