How to Transfer files from PC to PC windows 10

Transfer files from PC to Laptop:Moving a huge number of Files or Even Large Files from one PC to other takes a lot of Time, and Mostly we find an alternative to it. But if we have known about few Tricks on Computer and Software, then we might have done it. To make it clear about this article, here in this Guide, we have Presented the effective and methods of Transferring Files between two Computers.

In General, we shift the Data or Files from Computer to other Source of Memory space if the data is overloaded in our Computer. Also, a New computer setup can be made easy by transferring the files from the Old Computer. So Whatever the case, the Process of Shifting Files and Data from one PC to Other PC is simple with the Below Methods. So let’s Check out them.

How to transfer files from PC to PC:

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Five Methods of file transfer can help you to move the data from one Computer to another without any.

  1. External Hard Drive
  2. Cable
  3. Software
  4. Cloud Storage
  5. SSD

1)External Drives

You can use USB Flash Drive to Store the data in case it is an emergency and only if it requires few Gigabytes of Data Storage Space. Flash Drive makes it easy to store and Transfer files from one computer to computer. Or External Hard Drives can provide 10 times more Storage space than the Normal Pen Drive.

How to do it?

  • Just Copy all the Files you wish to transfer.
  • Paste it on the Flash Drive.

Check out this recommended External Hard Drive and Flash Drive.

Seagate 2TB Backup Drive

SanDisk Ultra 64GB Flash Drive

2) Cable:

PC to PC File Transfer work fast through Cable Connectivity. When both the Computers are connected with Cable, the File Transfer Speed is more than the Flash Drive Transfer.

How to Transfer files?

  • Get the File Transfer Cable and Connect both the Computers with that cable.
  • Then go to networks and Check the name of the computer.
  • Just Double Click to open it, Now Copy the Files from that PC.
  • And Paste it on your PC.

That’s if you are done with File Transfer.

3) Software:

Softwares like EaseUS Todo PC Trans, Shareit for PC, Send Anywhere gets the File Transfer job done with a quick setup. It just requires Wi-Fi Network along with the Software installation. Check the Setup details.

  • Install any of the Softwares in both the Computers.
  • Connect the PCs’ to the Single Internet Network.
  • Select the Files on the Source Computer and Click on ‘Send.’
  • The File Transfer Process will be initiated immediately, After Completion. Submit with ‘Done..’

4) Cloud Storage:

Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive are some of the Cloud Storage services that allow to store Data online with login Credentials. It also provides File Protection and Authentication of the Credentials. Then after storing the files on Cloud, you can download them on any computer.

How to store files on Cloud Storage Applications?

  • Visit any of the above mentioned Cloud App and Sign up with your personal Credentials.
  • Click on ‘Upload’ to select the files on the computer.
  • Submit with ‘Upload’ again, and your files will be saved on to Cloud App.

And you can download them on any device with Login Credentials.

5) Internal Hard Disk Drive:

If you  want to access all the Files in one computer on other PC, the take out the Internet Hard Drive of Computer(Source) and Connect to Destination PC. This way you can access complete files on the PC without any hassle. Also due to the standard Cables in Hard Drive any user can transfer find this process much simple than any other way.

How to exchange Hard Drive from one PC to other PC:

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