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How to block a number on whatsappBlocking a Contact on Any device is easy based on the Application & Platform we choose. And once we got to know about the effective way of doing that task, it is dead easy to implement. When you consider Whatsapp Application, Blocking a Contact is easy and we need an exact Process to do it. And to help you with the Process, we need To be Written this article, so read this article completely till the End.

No doubt, WhatsApp is number one messaging app from day one when it was launched the first time. As like in the case of other social media sites, anyone can message you on WhatsApp, no matter whether they are connected with you or not. The only thing they need is your mobile phone number. Sometimes, we want to block any contact on WhatsApp.

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How to block someone on WhatsApp:

Blocking a Contact on any mobile running operating System is easy, and we need to know the Exact Procedure to get it done. And here we have mentioned Procedure for Blocking a Contact on Whatsapp application and After you could also find the Procedure for Blocking a Whatsapp Group to Stay away from all kinds of alerts from it.

How to block people on whatsapp on Android:

Every app has a different interface when we compare Android to Windows, iOS Platform. In this Case, Let’s take WhatsApp Application on Android. And to Block, a WhatsApp Contact, check the Below Steps.

  • First of all, open WhatsApp.
  • Here click on the options menu button (three dots).
  • Now move to “Settings > Account > Privacy.
  • Under the messaging section, click on “Blocked contacts” option.
  • Now click [Plus+Person] icon at the top of your screen. (See below picture)
  • Finally, select the contact name that you wish to block, and you’ve done it.

Block Contact on Whatsapp App on Apple devices:

And Apple Interface is Bit Classic, so we need to perform the Contact Blocking Task differently.

  • To Block Contact on WhatsApp on the Apple Device, Follow this:
  • Launch the WhatsApp app on the Mobile.
  • Navigate to Chat section on the WhatsApp Mobile Application.
  • Click on Settings on the Bottom-Right Corner of the WhatsApp Screen.
  • Then Click on Account and navigate Privacy> Blocked.
  • Now you got the Right Place, Click on ‘Add’ and Select any WhatsApp number from the Contacts List.

Block Contact on Windows Mobile (On Whatsapp App):

To Block a Contact on WhatsApp App on Windows Mobile, Copy this Steps:

  • Click on WhatsApp icon and Open the Chat Section.
  • Now Click on Menu icon visible on Top-Right Corner of the application.
  • Then Click on Settings Option form the Drop-Down Menu.
  • After That Click on ‘Contacts’ from the WhatsApp Account Page.
  • Now, Click on ‘Blocked Contacts’ from the Given List.
  • Finally, Click on ‘Plus’ icon to navigate to Contacts and Select the Contact Number.

How To block Whatsapp group:

There is no direct way to block WhatsApp groups. You can only exit, mute and archive them. However, I had found a way by which can prevent the admin to add you back in groups. It’s effortless. First of all, block the person (or admin) who is adding you to the group again and again even after exiting. For this task, you can choose any method mentioned above. Before this, make sure to add admin mobile number to your contact list. After blocking admin, exit the group.

And in case the Task mentioned above is failed, then Block all the Group Members in that Particular Group, This Process will Surely Do the Job.

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