How To Fix: WiFi Connected But No Internet Access Error

Many time we face the issue regarding the internet that he isn’t able to access the internet on their systems. So in this article, I will tell you How To Fix: WiFi Connected But No Internet Access Error.

No Internet | wifi connected but no internet access

WiFi Connected But No Internet Access Error

If the Internet is not working on all the devices connected to the WiFi network, then chances are there is a problem with your router /modem. You can also look at ADSL cable to see if it’s broken or twisted.

If the Internet is not working on only one device but working fine on other devices connected to the same network, then chances there is an issue with the device’s WiFi adapter or the Routers and those particular devices are having a hard time to communicate.

Restart Devices

Reboot is a fix for many software problems and network issues. Turn off both router and modem (if they are separate) and wait for 30 seconds before restarting them again.

Check Modem

Ideally, the DSL lights should be ON (or turn green in some routers), and the WiFi indicator lights should blink. If you are not sure how to check, contact your ISP customer care services. Confirm what’s wrong with the Internet and how much time it may take to fix it if the problem is at their end.

Use Troubleshooter

Right-click on the network icon in the taskbar and select “Troubleshoot problems.” Windows will automatically look for problems and fix them.

Flush DNS

In Windows start menu type “cmd” and open it as an administrator.Command prompt will open up, here type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press enter. This will flush the DNS cache.

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