8 Best Qualities of a Good Marketing Agency


A digital marketing agency needs the right qualities to succeed. You need creativity, excellent communication within your company, passionate team members, and the right software.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is any way of finding customers online. It includes any of the following:

  • Search engine advertising
  • Other online ads
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Using social media to attract customers
  • Creating content to attract customers

An important part of digital marketing is measuring how effective your advertising is. You need to use analytical tools to determine the return on investment for each strategy.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency helps other companies market products online. They know about SEO, social media, blogs, websites, sales pages, paid advertising, and anything else that can boost sales.

You need an excellent website, a social media presence, and the right tools. You need to be very transparent with whatever companies you are working for. More than anything else, you need a great team.

1) Passion For the Job

Hire people that love their job whenever possible. Get workers that go beyond merely being competent. Workers that chose digital marketing as a career instead of merely ending up doing it are the best workers.

You can hire either specialists or generalists, as long as they can contribute enough to your team. A team member might focus directly on digital marketing, or they might focus on search engine optimization or social media strategy. They should be able to contribute their own ideas and not only do what they are told.

2) Examples of Previous Work

You will need a portfolio of previous work before you can go into business. You must show your skills to potential customers. Give specific examples of how you helped a company attract a lot more customers.

If you are just starting, use examples of similar work you have done yourself and your team members have done. You could also charge much less than normal at the beginning to get testimonials.

3) Knowledge of Your Own Industry

You need to keep your skills and knowledge about your own industry as up-to-date as possible. Learn as much as you can, hire the most knowledgeable people you can, and network with other people.

Make sure your knowledge stays up to date. Digital marketing changes very fast. Search engine optimization on its own can change radically in only a few years.

There is too much to know for you to be an expert at everything. You will need to hire some specialists even if your team is small. Some specialists you may need are:

  • People that generate leads for the company you work for
  • Content creators
  • SEO specialists
  • People who measure the results of everything you do
  • People that expand the company’s brand reach

4) Creativity

Especially if you are just starting out, your company should offer something unique. There is a bit of risk in being creative (it may be less effective than a tried-and-true strategy) but the payoffs can be big if you do it right.

Creativity can be used to promote your business – the videos, blog posts, social media posts, and images you use can all stand out from other companies. It is even better if you can use an innovative way to bring more customers to a business.

5) Excellent Communication Within Your Company

One thing that can ruin a company is poor internal communication. If there are only a few people and you all work together in person, communication is easy – everyone will know what everyone else is doing.

However, communication is harder if you have dozens of people working for you, and you meet through video conferencing. You need the right software and the right strategy to keep your team working together properly.

You also need to know whether everyone on your team is getting things done on time. If you use a project management tool, you can track everything and know whether everyone is keeping up.

6) Knowledge of the Right Tools

As well as a project management tool, there are many other tools you can use to keep your company running properly. You can use an analytics platform to improve your website by seeing what pages generate sales and what pages drive customers away. You can use a CRM software for marketing agencies like FP, so you would have a better idea of what your clients are saying.

You can also use a content management system to create content and make sure everything is consistent with your company’s message. Social media work can be time-consuming, but you can reduce how long it takes by using a social media management tool. More than anything else, there is software specifically for digital marketing agencies, which combines many different tools into one.

7) Website Design Skills

They say you “shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,” but people will and should dismiss a company with a poor website. Making a professional-looking website is the easy part, the hard part is offering a great service. If a company can’t even do the easy part, how can they get the hard part right?

Making professional-looking websites does take skill, but it doesn’t take a lot of time relative to running a digital marketing agency. It is a relatively basic task that people will dismiss a company for failing.

At the very least, a site should look good, load quickly, look good on either phones or computers, and be easy to use. If the site has major flaws (links that lead nowhere, spelling mistakes), people will think your company is a scam. If your website looks mediocre, they will assume that your company will do a mediocre job.

8) Social Media Skills

If you want people to take you seriously, you need to be present on several parts of the internet. If you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and one or two other platforms, you will show potential customers that you are present in the virtual world.

If you keep your social media pages frequently updated, this shows potential customers that you are tech-savvy people that understand online business. You can also use your social media pages to attract customers. If you don’t use or hardly use social media, it may make your company seem tiny and not competitive.

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