How to Link Google Analytics & Google Ads and Its benefits


How to Link Google Analytics & Google Ads and Its benefits

Google Analytics and Google Ads provide different benefits. Suppose, you create an ad, but you don’t know how the audience behaves with the ads, and how ads are contributing to revenue. 

You can get these insights after linking Analytics and Ads and implement them to develop the strategy. To get a more clear picture, let’s discuss the benefits of linking Google Analytics and Google Ads.


There are many benefits of linking Analytics and Ads: 


  1. You can know if people find your ads engaging by checking the bounce rate, page views, etc. Based on these results, you can take further steps accordingly. 
  2. You can check the keyboard performance, cost of the ads campaign, etc.
  3. Google Analytics will keep you informed about the visitor behavior; what they are doing on your site or why they bounce off.
  4. If you link Google Analytics with Google Ads, it would be easier for you to find which keywords are contributing to the conversion.
  5. You can retarget the audience who has visited your website and there are more chances that they are going to click on ads.


Now, let’s get to the main question – how to link these two. Scroll down to find out.


How to Link Google Ads with Google Analytics 


First step: Check access rights. 


To do so, follow the steps mentioned below to check the “Admin” access rights for Google Ads


  1. Go to and login to your Analytics account.

      2)   Go to the left side and select “Admin”

      3)   Select “Account Settings” in the “Account” section. Ensure that there is a check next to “Google products & services”.

how to link google ads with google analytics
Select “Account Settings” in the “Account” section

To check the access rights for Google Analytics, do the following steps


  1. Click “User management” in the “Account” section.
  2. Add the same email address you are using with Google Ads. Set the “Edit” rights.
    link google ads with analytics
    Click “User management” in the “Account” section


Enable the auto-tagging in your Google Ads account. After this, the data (about views, clicks, etc.) from Google Ads will be sent to Google Analytics. 


To turn on auto-tagging, follow the steps that are mentioned below –


  1. Login to your Google Ads account.
  2. Go to the main dashboard where it mentions “All campaigns”.
  3. Click on the “settings” and click on the “Account Settings”.
  4. Click on “Auto-tagging”.
  5. Click on the box to place a tick next to “Tag the URL that people click through from my ad”.
    link google ads with google analytics
    Click on the box
  6. Save it.  


 Let’s learn how to link Google Ads with Google Analytics. 


  1. Go to and login to your account.
  2. Go to “Admin” on the left side and click “Google Ads Linking” under product linking.
  3. Choose the account you want to link and click “Continue”.
  4. Now, enter a link group title.
  5. Turn on the views (click on “Select All”) where you want to see the Google Ads data. Go and click “Link Accounts”.


The Google Ads data will be visible in Google Analytics reports in around 24 hours. The data will be more detailed. 


Once you link Google Ads with Google Analytics, you can import Google Analytics goals and transactions into your Google Ads. 


To import goals and transactions into your Google Ads account, follow these simple steps.

  1. Click “Tools” and then click “Conversions”.
  2. Click on “+”.
  3. Select “Import” and then choose “Google Analytics”. Press “Continue”.
  4. Now, Choose the goals and transactions you want to import.
  5. Click “Import and Continue”.
  6. Now, Press “Done”.


Hurray! It’s done.


If you are wondering how to create Google Analytics goals. It’s pretty simple, follow these simple steps.


  1. Go to “Admin” and click on the “Goals” under the “View” column. 
  2. Click on “New Goal”.
  3. Go through the Goal Template and check whether there is your goal. In case there is not, click “Custom” and click “Continue”.
  4. Give a “Name” to your goal and see if any “Type” matches your goal. Choose it. Click “Continue” again. 
  5. Fill all the goal details. Let’s say your goal type is ‘destination’. You have to fill the URL and select “Equals to”. You can assign a monetary value for each time when the goal is attained. To do it, fill “value”.

Voila! You have just created a goal. 


How to Unlink Google Analytics and Google Ads


  1. Go to
  2. Go to “Admin” on the left side and Choose “Google Ad Linking” under the Property section. 
  3. Select the link group to unlink that you want to be deleted.
  4. Click the “Delete link group”.
  5. A pop-up box will appear for confirmation, click “delete” to confirm.


How to Edit a Link Group 


You can make changes (removing or adding Google Ads account and Analytics view from the same link group) after creating a link group.


  1. Sign in your Google Analytics account.
  2. Go to “Admin” on the left side. Select the account and property that you want to edit.
  3. Click “Google Ads Linking”. 
  4. Select the link group that you want to edit. 
  5. You can add or remove Google Ads accounts from the link group by clicking “Edit” in the Select linked Google Ads account section. Tick or Untick the checkboxes next to the accounts.
  6. In the Link Configuration Section, click “Edit” to add or remove Analytics views. You can turn linking on and off. Now, click “Save”. Done!


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