MIT App Inventor Tutorials – What You’ll Learn in this tutorials


MIT App Inventor Tutorials

Topics going to be covered are

  • Building apps by selecting drag and dropping the components and then telling them what to do and when to do it.
  • Using the Component Designer to select components. Some components are invisible on the device’s screen and some are visible.
  • Covers all the components details and its usage which are used for app development.
  • Adding media (sounds and images) to apps by uploading them from your computer.
  • Working in the Blocks Editor to assemble blocks that define the components’ behavior to work properly.
  • Testing apps with App Inventor’s testing tools like Emulator with the USB Connection. This lets you see how your application looks and behave on the device step by step, even as you’re building them.
  • After Building, Packaging the apps which you build and downloading them to a device.

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