Trollishly: 4 Proven Ideas To Uplift Your TikTok Conversion


Given the popularity of TikTok, it makes sense that you can find potential customers on it. But guess what? You can also use it for various other purposes, like increasing your conversion rate! A few decades ago, marketing on social media platforms like TikTok was just an option. Whereas in today’s reality, it is no longer an option but a necessity. 

Starting from individuals to small and big multinational brands, everyone started using TikTok for lead generation and increasing conversions. Some even buy tiktok followers as it helps them grow better and soon on TikTok. But with tons of competition out there, grabbing audiences’ attention might be a bit challenging. So to make that easy for you, we have gathered a few proven ideas in this article for you to leverage. Using these, you can uplift your TikTok conversions efficiently and productively. Let’s go.


What Are Conversions?

If you need to be made aware of what the term conversions mean in marketing. Here is a small example for your better understanding. Let us say your current business goal is to get as many sign-ups as possible. For that purpose, you will try different tactics and strategies. At that point, when a user or a visitor completes the sign-up process, your desired goal is achieved. This means a conversion occurred. It is that simple. 


Why TikTok?

In earlier days, TikTok was all about entertainment videos. Such as dancing and lip-synching videos. But thanks to its evolution, brands now use it for marketing and advertising. 

TikTok has the potential to aid you with the whole marketing process. From grabbing the attention of ideal users on TikTok to converting them into potential customers. Most importantly, the countless features and options TikTok provides have made many brands go from zero to hero in no time. So it is time for your brand to outshine on TikTok. Follow the below-mentioned tips to get started and boost your conversions on TikTok.


4 Proven Ideas To Uplift Your TikTok Conversion

It would be best if you kept implementing new and innovative strategies to win conversions on social media platforms like TikTok. Such as the following.


  1. Embed Links on Bio

TikTok allows users to add links in certain places like the bio. It is a small space that appears below your username. If your ultimate goal is to increase the conversion rate, make sure you utilize this space wisely. For example, if your goal is to make your followers purchase any product or increase traffic on your website. Then, by adding your website link in the bio, you can accomplish your mission. 

You can let the users know about the link in the bio. Either add a “Link in the bio” line in the caption or your videos. Also, add a catchy phrase along with the link to grab the attention of users who are visiting your profile. It will definitely aid you in increasing your conversion rate on TikTok. Furthermore, you can opt for Trollishly to enhance your conversion rate effectively.


  1. Have a Good Landing Page

Your goal of increasing conversion is possible only when you have a good landing page. A landing page is nothing but a page that displays after you click a link or an ad. It is optimal to have a good landing page mainly to have more traffic. For example, let us say you have an eCommerce site. You have recently launched a new anime T-shirt. 

Your conversion goal is to increase the number of sales on that product. So you added that particular page link to your TikTok bio for that purpose. But upon clicking the link, users on TikTok are not able to reach the respective site. Because you failed to have a good landing page. Henceforth it makes the process of shopping very difficult. So now your goal is not achieved, which results in decreasing your conversions. So we can conclude that it is vital to have a good landing page no matter what. 


  1. Display Existing Customers’ Testimonials

When someone comes to know about a new brand, what do you think is the first thing they check for? If your answer is genuineness and authenticity, then it is absolutely right. But how do you prove your credibility on TikTok? Customer feedback!

Also, to achieve your conversion goals more effectively, you can collect genuine customer feedback. Then post them on your TikTok profile in the form of videos or screenshots. By doing this, you can influence users on TikTok to perform the destined action. Also, building a user’s trust is a piece of cake with a hundred percent genuine testimonials. Definitely, there will be long-term customers who love all your products or service. Spend a little time and find them. Get testimonials. Lastly, post them. That is it.


  1. Add Call To Action Buttons Wherever Possible

You can grab a user’s attention from the endless scrolling by adding a CTA. Here is a simple definition if you need to be made aware of what a call to action button is. A CTA is a button that tells users what action to perform. 

For example, adding a “Buy now” or a “sign-up” button to your TikTok ad is called a call to action button. If you want your conversions to increase, it is vital to have a perfect CTA. These buttons will help you boost sales very quickly than you expect. Also, you can use options like Trollishly to increase your sales instantly on TikTok. Therefore, it is vital to add limited CTAs instead of bombarding them with multiple CTAs.


Summing Up

TikTok is an excellent platform to lead generation and increase your conversion. So get started today on TikTok with these proven tips and tricks mentioned above. It is just a matter of time, so implement all possible tactics and strategies and find which one best suits your needs. Finally, try to be innovative and unique to stand out from your competitors. 

What other techniques do you use to increase conversions on TikTok? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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