Google CEO at SRCC

 Sundar Pichai Google CEO at SRCC Interacts with students

When some asked Google CEO at SRCC “why do we still not have indian deserts as Android OS names like unniyappam,peda..”

Watch this video what Sundar pichai Said ….??



Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai is on his first visit to India in his capacity as CEO of the company. Google CEO at SRCC addressed the students from across the country at Delhi University’s on Thursday.

Here are the top 10 things he said at SRCC.

>  ” We do work hard to bring our services to India. We’re working hard to bring project Loon. Increasingly we also do thing first in India like YouTube Offline which started in India and is now in 77 countries. It is a goal to build things here. We do things we can build here at scale which will apply to the world,” said Pichai.

>Empowerment of women was on the top of the list of things. He talked about the pilot project Google is running to introduce the internet to rural women. “The most important thing a country can do nowadays is to help women get online… A lot of people are working for this in India. We are also helping,” he said.

>He adressed the students to not worry about taking risks. In fact, he encouraged it.  “It is worthwhile trying to take risks, it may not work out the first time around, but it will work out in the long run,” he said.

>Pichai talked about how at Google plans are made to solve big problems at scale. He encouraged people to think big. ” At Google we always thought about solving problems. We always want to solve problems that would affect a billion people. For google books, the approach was what if we could bring all of the books online. We would always think about scale,”he said.

>Pichai joked that he would run an online poll for the name of the next version of Android which is codenamed N. He believed if all Indians voted, N would get a name after an Indian delicacy. “May be for the next version — Android N — we will have online poll and if all Indian users vote, we are sure to have Android named after an Indian dessert,” he said.

>When asked about what would be the next frontiers of technology Pichia showed great faith in machine learning technology something at which Google specialises and also virtual reality. “Machine learning will apply to health care and many other fields,” he said.

> Sundar Pichai revealed he was a bit of sports nut. Cricket and Football are his favourite sports. In the US he is able to follow football more easily and he revealed that he was big Barcelona and Lionel Messi fan. He also said that he loved former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar and was there at the second tied test in Chennai back in 1986.

>Pichai felt that India was central to Google staying relevant in the future. “”We try and figure out what is next… It is also one of the reasons why we are so much interested in India because it will define future. That is why we are investing so much here,” he said.

>Pichai bought his first phone in 94/95. It was a Motorola Starc and in 2006 he bought his first smartphone. At his home, Pichai revealed, he had more than 20 phone mostly because of testing purposes.

> For Pichai developers will help solve many technological problems of the world and they are central to Google too. “Developers are hunting the bloodline of software. India is unique positioned. There’s tremendous in software development compared to other countries,” said the Google CEO.

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